About Us

VVFLY Electronics Co., Ltd., founded in 2014, specializes in intelligent products, big data service platforms and the application of artificial intelligence technology to human sleepNational high-tech enterprises. It was founded by a team of experts experienced in health management, mobile Internet, and intelligent hardware.

SNORE CIRCLE is VVFLY Company's Brand and it has also established the Snore Circle health management platform. As the first brand in the field of intelligent anti-snoring in China, the Snore Circle Smart Snore Stopper adopts exclusively patented and the world's first physical micro-intervention anti-snoring technology.

In the past six years, more than 2000 days and nights, our team has been dedicated to the use of advanced anti-snoring algorithm technology and process design to promote the development of products to make people more efficient and comfortable to stop snoring, to bring you and your family quiet sleep, build a healthy life.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help everyone sleep in their most healthy position throughout the night and constantly innovate more smart health sleep products.

Our Team